Evaluation and impact assessment

Evaluation and impact assessment
Evaluation and impact assessment

The “Impact Assessment and Measurement” division is organized into four business units whose common concern is the allocation of public and private investments to projects that create the most collective value. Our objective is to encourage people to act with a compass of impact.

Although the different business lines call for different approaches (studies, ongoing approaches, consulting, auditing) and correspond to different intervention times (before launching a project, during its implementation, at the end of the experiment), they all rely on methodological expertise that is academically based and recognized by our clients and institutions.

Socio-economic and environmental assessment

A decision-making tool, this method makes it possible to quantitatively estimate the return on investment of public and private money spent, in terms of social, societal and environmental impacts.

Impact assessment

An approach that allows for the steering of activities, both public and private, with a compass of impact. This evaluation is carried out on an ongoing basis.

Impact contracts

As a new method of financing social innovation, this system requires evaluation at all stages: before, during and after the experimentation.

Impact finance

Equip the actors of the sector with robust methods to objectify their impacts and avoid the trap of impact washing.