Regulatory security

Regulatory security
Regulatory security

Legislation is constantly changing. To comply with increasingly complex regulatory requirements, organizations have a growing need for experts capable of providing them with very specific regulatory assistance, which must be both operational and adapted to projects and territorial contexts.

The benefits of regulatory security are multiple:

This approach is aimed at any public or private actor whose intervention, activity or project is likely to have an impact on the environment and, more generally, at all actors who have a direct or indirect interest in the success of the projects carried out: local authorities, Ministries, industrialists, private companies delegating public services, State services, public establishments, energy operators…

Citizing’s regulatory security support is based on 4 pillars and methods of intervention (often successive but which can also be used independently):


A proven method for translating regulatory obligations (current and future) into operational terms and ensuring that they are properly taken into account in project design and from the design stage.


Project management missions consisting of developing steering tools and accompanying operational staff step by step in managing deadlines and monitoring the regulatory aspect of projects.


Interventions as projects progress to ensure that regulatory requirements are taken into account at each stage.


Cross-functional support to train project teams, to help them better understand and grasp environmental regulations.