Our team


Julie De Brux

Julie holds a PhD in economics and has worked in very diverse spheres (academia, international organisations and the private sector).

She founded CITIZING to help public decision makers invest in a more useful and virtuous way, by improving how projects are chosen, integrating stakeholders and optimizing value creation and distribution.

Julie leads the Socio-economic impact studies practice; its goal is to measure the value created by public policies and projects. Her sectors of intervention are diverse: meteorology, energy, smart cities, early childhood…


Marie Forbin

Marie is a partner at CITIZING and a legal expert in environmental and planning law. Though her work for consultancies, public administrations and research firms, she has profound knowledge of the issues facing transport infrastructure and urban design.

Marie is convinced that the environment needs to be taken into account at all project steps for projects to become more relevant and accepted.

In the Regulatory and environmental compliance practice, which she leads, Marie leverages her expertise to ensure project compliance, optimize plannings, answers all regulatory questions and analyse authorization application dossiers. She elaborates internal tools (procedure guides, trainings…) and develops regulatory monitoring.



Valentina Salazar Aristizabal

Valentina Salazar is an economist, specialized in the economics of sustainable development. After studying at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University and working for the public sector, she joined CITIZING in october 2018.

As an analyst, she undertakes socio-economic / cost-benefit evaluations, and mobilizes diverse evaluation methodologies in order to determine the social, economic and environmental impact of public policies and projects.



Alice Mével

Alice is an economist, specialized in public policy evaluation and econometrics. After reading economics in the United Kingdom, she held two positions in the international development sector.

Alice is an analyst within the Socio-economic impact studies practice at CITIZING, where she contributes to socio-economic impact studies and econometric studies. She is also in charge of monitoring research.

Her work consists of developing rigorous evaluation methodologies on the efficiency of public policies, investment and social impact projects.


Gersende Bouton

Gersende Bouton is specialized in environmental law and urban planning.

She previously worked with both private and public actors (employers’ organization, recycling company, local authorities …) allowing her to gain a real understanding of the issues related to environmental procedures and to know the requirements of the administrative authorities.

She is now a legal consultant at CITIZING, where she contributes to the regulatory security of general interest projects.